Affordable Private Driver

If you need a temporary driver to cover holidays or for last-minute jobs, contact Driver for Hire. We provide affordable private drivers in Auckland for all your driving and hiring needs.

Our truck drivers are of the highest caliber with several years of driving experience. We provide you the temporary truck driver in Auckland if you need them for transporting your goods.

They all hold the required license for the job and up to date training and qualifications. They’re adaptable, hardworking, reliable and dependable.

Hire a driver who understands your comfortability and gives you the service of short-term driver hires in Auckland.

We have drivers that hold licenses from classes 1 to 5.

When you hire a relief driver from Drivers for Hire you are guaranteed:

  • Reliable, professional and well-trained drivers
  • Class 5 drivers licenses
  • Stringent vetting process
  • Drug screening
  • Police checks
  • Drivers available for short and long haulage jobs
  • Work in upper and middle North Island, and further afield
  • Flexibility
  • Easy admin and invoicing procedures

We work with our clients to make hiring a relief driver easy for you, so you can concentrate on what’s important, keeping your trucks on the road and making your business a success.

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